The Off Festival 2015 Munich Artists Installation

  • Event: Art Installation
  • Organised by: Dora, Ursula Singer, Dr. Horstkamp & Storey Tarris
  • Date: June 20, 2015
  • Participants: Open to all Artists Living and Working in Munich, Germany
  • Objective: To bring artists together to share their art in a collaborative art piece.
  • Funding: Installation Self-Funded. Warehouse Installation space gifted by the Off Festival for the weekend event.
  • Format: Black Ink Pens and Stamps on sheets of white drawing paper taped to the floor.

Summary of the Event

Munich Artists was invited to participate in the Off Festival. Dora and Ursula Singer volunteered to organise an installation for MunichArtists at the event with the full support of Dr. Horstkamp, Dr. Kern and Storey Tarris.

Ursula and Dora’s proposal for a participatory installation focused on the idea of dreams. The two artists encouraged other artists in Munich to participate and used Facebook and email to invite other artists. At the event, they invited festival guests and other artists at the festival to share their dreams.

Paper was chosen for the event to represent bed sheets on a hard bed. Each day the dreams we have the night before fall apart upon waking. The start of the day erases so many details of those nocturnal memories. Paper is a way to document those memories and sharing the memories is a way of making those dreams feel more real.

Black ink and stamps represented those memories that the participating artists wanted to leave behind. Each day of the installation, Dora and Ursula Singer unrolled the sheets filled with the memories of others to be filled again by those passing by who could also enjoy in a visual form the dreams of those who came before them.

The Munich Artists group was encouraged to go and share dreams and there is no physical documentation of the finished art piece except for the photographs shared on Social media and on the Munich Artists website which are above.

Although the two artists successfully created the installation, participation for this event was hindered by the weather which is a factor for summer art events in Munich, Germany.